Riordan family from Mitchelstown

Patrick Riordan

How important are the stories of our ancestors?  I am preparing for a trip to Ireland.  Many years ago my mother-in-law gave me an envelope.  This envelope contained three essays that were written in 1939 for the Bishop Thill Essay Contest.  Some of the grandchildren of the original Irish immigrants wrote these essays.  The grandchildren interviewed the different family members for the contest.

Last summer I made copies of the three essays and took them to the Kansas State Archives in Topeka.  These essays should not be lost! I wanted to make sure that other people researching family from Solomon Kansas would have access to the essays.

Now I am going to take a copy of the essays to Ireland.  I have identified the townland that the Riordan family came from just north of Mitchelstown called Ballyarthur. I don’t know what I will find, but I want to return the stories to someone in Mitchelstown.

You can tell from Patrick Riordan’s headstone he wanted everyone to know where he was from!  Patrick I am taking your families story back to Mitchelstown.