Mulvihill Twigs on the Tree

Ed Scanlon Sr


This is a photo of my father-in-law Ed Scanlon.  I have worked on his family for many years.  I finally figured out where his grandmother, Johanna Mulvihill’s family immigrated from.  Johanna’s parents came to Kansas City with the first wave of Irish immigrants that Rev. Bernard Donnelly brought to build the city.  Eventually Timothy Mulvihill and all eight of his children were here.

I found Timothy Mulvihill in the 1870 census of Kansas City, he gave his age as 89 years so he would have been born about 1781.  Timothy’s wife had died in Ireland and there was no record of the name of his wife!  I finally found the clue that broke through the ‘brick wall’ with a Civil War pension packet.  I found this on a ‘dead branch’ of the family tree. The last descendant in that branch of the Mulvihill family died in 1955. (I married into this family in 1970) Michael Mulvihill had documented his marriage in March of 1894! “Michael Mulvihill the son of Timothy Mulvihill and Johanna Connor” !!

With this information I was able to find baptismal records for  five of the eight children of Timothy Mulvihill and Johanna Connor.  The family lived in Kilbaha, County Kerry! I have found Timothy on Griffith’s Valuation and they lived in Kilbhah South!

So Dad – this one is for you!   Sure wish you were here to enjoy the journey! Looking forward to exploring Kilbaha, County Kerry!