Cooney family, I found a new “Twig on the Tree”

Solving a genealogy mystery is so exciting!  Today I met Tom Cooney in Dublin for the first time.  Tom drove me out to Mullingar to show me the town where the Cooney family used to live near!  Next we traveled to Curraghmore – the townland where  we know that both of our Cooney family members lived.

Tom Cooney is an environmental consultant and taught me to look at the landscape of the land and to understand what it was saying.  The trees and vegetation that grow in the hedge rows tell a story of the land. We walked the old road down the middle of Curraghmore.

Road in Curraghmore

This is the road our ancestors would have walked down.  The houses are gone – torn down many years ago.

Tom’s family moved to Dublin starting about 1900.  My Cooney family moved to America about 1862.  And today we both walked the old road of our ancestors!