Having help with my family history!


Translating an Irish song from pre-1834 about 'faction fighting'!

Translating an Irish song from pre-1834 about ‘faction fighting’!

Last night I had help to translate a song from pre 1834 that has a connection to my husband’s family.

I visited the County Kerry archives in Tralee in July to do additional research on my husband’s Mulvihill family.  I found an article A Sidelight on the 1834 Affray at Ballyeach  by Pádraig de Brún  in the Kerry Archaeological and Historical Society Journal. “The great faction-fight between the Cooleens on the one hand and the Lawlors and Black Mulvihills on the other which took place at the races of Ballyeagh strand on St. John’s Day 24 Jun 1834 involved participants from all over north Kerry and was one of the fiercest and most brutal of its kind.”

I had found the Mulvihill family in Kilbaha South County Kerry in Griffith’s Valuation.  Timothy and his brother Miles Mulvihill lived there.  I have also found their sister Honora Mulvihill who married John Lawlor also lived in Kilbhah South, a townland on the County Kerry and County Limerick border.

Timothy Mulvihill moved to Kansas City between 1860 and 1870, he died here in 1872.  I have found all 8 of his children were here in Kansas City Missouri.

It is so exciting to find a document that tells a story about this family from the 1830’s! The song was taken down by Pádraig Feiritéar in Feb of 1895 from his brother Micil who learned it from their father.

The problem is the song is written in Irish!  And standardization of spelling in Ireland for names and place names did not happen until the 1920’s.

Casadh giúistis cinn córum den chomharsain seo liom agus mé ag dul do súach abhaile.

Do chuir sé stró orm agus b’eól do súd san agus d’iarr sé orm iasacht mo mhaide.

Thanks everyone for all of the help translating!