Thanksgiving is time for family!

Laura, Mary Ann, Joe, Kathleen, Margaret & Ed

Laura, Mary Ann, Joe, Kathleen, Margaret & Ed

Thanksgiving is time for family. This year the Howe (Hough) cousins had a chance to reconnect in Kansas City. I had a special treat for the cousins.  Theresa McCormick Liewer gave me a copy of “The Howes who Left” that I shared with Ed’s family. This is the story of 29 members of the ‘Hough’ family who left Lorrah, County Tipperary between 1847 and 1850.  The 3 generations of the Hough family settled in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  Several years later part of this family traveled south and ended up in Chapman, Kansas.

  A special thanks to the cousins that researched this story and shared it with us.  Families drift apart and the stories are lost.  I think of Thanksgiving as the best time to reconnect with family. Cousin Laura lives in DC, Mary Ann just moved back from St. Louis and Margaret lives in Columbus Ohio.  All the cousins had a great time telling stories on Friday evening.

  I am seeing the need in January to have a “SOS” party.  “Save Our Stories” – invite those cousins back for an afternoon get together  and have each bring some family photos and a story to share.  I want to use drop-box and store the stories there.  That way cousins who live from DC to Oregon and can’t attend, can also see the stories that we and photos we have collected.

   I saw a post last summer from a regional National Archives, they were saying that unless you make an effort to save your family stories the stories can be lost in three generations!

   How many families are searching for the stories of their ancestors?  Where did they come from in Ireland?  Why were they the ones who left?  So many questions!  Very few of our ancestors left diaries.  Or if they did, where are they now?

  2015 is a new year, it is time to start working on those stories!