Setting a goal for your genealogy research this year!

Have you set a goal for yourself and your genealogy for 2015? Are you going to research one line?  Maybe find documents to support a family story.  Or maybe you want to start writing your family history.

I still like to learn new things relating to my genealogy.  I am going to the National Archives in Kansas City this week for a workshop on the Alien Files (A-Files) these contain U.S. immigration documents generated and collected since the mid-20th century.  they include visas, photographs, applications, affidavits and correspondence.  There is another workshop I am looking forward to at the National Archives in Kansas City – “Township, Section, Range: Looking at Land Records”.  I found where some of my family came from in Ireland by using land records!

I am also going to the Mid-West Genealogical Library’s Spring Seminar in Independence Missouri.  Paul Milner is the main speaker and he is an expert in British Isles research.  This is a chance for me to learn a little about my Scottish and Welsh ancestors!

I am also going to the National Genealogy Conference in St. Charles in May.  I am really looking forward to this also.

My main goal this year is to organize my family photos!  I am scanning the older photos and putting names on photos.  It is the end of January and my desk is almost cleaned off!  One big reward was I found a photo of my father in his Navy uniform that I have been looking for!  I think this might be the year that I get those photos organized!!

Now what is your goal for 2015?