Learning about Alien Case Files in Kansas City




The National Archives in Kansas City holds over 450,000 “Alien Case Files”


National Archives@KC

Elizabeth Burns from the National Archives in Kansas City presented a very informative workshop yesterday on the A-files.  The Kansas City branch of the National Archives is the main depository for these files.  (There are a few in San Francisco)

The A-files held in Kansas City are for individuals who were born 1910 and before.

If your immigrant ancestor died before 1 Aug 1940 -no A-file.

If your immigrant ancestor became a naturalized citizen between 27 Sep 1906 & 1 Aug 1940 – no A-file.

If your immigrant ancestor immigrated to the United States after 1 April 1944 – yes they will have an A-file

Registered in the US as an alien in 1940 and came back to the Immigration & Naturalization Service for any reason (other than naturalization) after 1944 – Will have an A-file.

Each file is unique. Most files contain the Alien Registration Form and Receipt Card – this for has 15 questions that your Immigrant ancestor answered.  Sometimes you might find birth and marriage certificates.

The most exciting news was that the Kansas City Archives has indexed these files and they you can search for them at:


I did a search for Mulvihill – I found an A-file for Bridget Mulvihill born 1883 in Ireland.