Bridget Purcell Tygue on #TombstoneTuesday

Bridget Purcell Tygue

In 2013 I was in Wisconsin and visited the cemetery to get this photograph of Bridget Purcell Tygue’s headstone!  This really surprised me because they were kind enough to list all 5 of her children when she died in October of 1884.

Bridge Tygue

Mother of

Patrick Tygue

Michael Tygue  Mrs. Ann Coen

Mrs Catherine Conry

Mrs. Bridget Mullolly

Died Oct 24, 1884

Aged 72 years

I know a little about this family.  Bridget is my GG Grandmother.  She had all of her children in Ireland and came to America about 1849.  I don’t know what happened to her husband Michael.  Did he died before they left Ireland?  Or on the boat to America? I did find one story that said that “Mr. and Mrs. McTygue came to America.”

I do know that Bridget was looking for her brother Patrick Purcell…  From the Search for Missing Friends: Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in the Boston Pilot
Vol 3 Page 259

Of Patrick Purcell, of parish Shrule Co. Mayo, who when last heard of was with his nephew Michael Tigue, in North Killingly, Connecticut. Please address his sister Bridget Tigue and family Daysville, Connecticut.

The last name has been spelled

Tigue – on Patrick’s baptismal record in Shrule County Mayo in 1838.

McTigue – found on the headstones in Shrule

Tygue – on Bridget’s headstone

Tighe – what Michael changed the name to between 1900 and 1905 in Rock County Wisconsin.

Tygne – on Patrick’s Civil War discharge papers

McTygue – what Patrick used on his headstone in Eddyville Nebraska and what our branch of the family uses today!