Adrian Farrell Consul General of Ireland visits Kansas City Irish Fest 2015

Adrain Farrell visits the Genealogy area of the Kansas City Irish Fest.

Adrain Farrell visits the Genealogy area of the Kansas City Irish Fest.

Adrain Farrell the Consul General of Ireland from Austin Texas visited the Kansas City Irish Fest this year. The genealogy area is inside the Crown Center atrium. We don’t have to worry about rain with all of our computers and printers.

We had 8 computer stations each with a volunteer helping people. This year we had over 100+ appointments during the festival. One appointment can mean 1-6 people from a family. It is so rewarding to help families connect with their Irish ancestry!

Many families do not know where in Ireland their family came from. Oral traditions can be lost within 3 generations. I have a 3Great Uncle, James Smith lived in Friend Nebraska, who wrote a letter when he was trying to get his Civil War pension.

“On this 18th day of June 1913 personally appeared before me a Notary Public duly appointed in and for said count and State. James Smith of lawful age and who being first duly sworn according to law says: That he was born in county Meathe (this is the spelling that James used) Ireland, that his parents came to the United states when he was but two years old, that he does not know what parish he was christened in, or whether he was christened at all or not. That his parents are dead and all brothers and sisters were older than he are dead, there is no Bible or family record to which he and refer in order to establish his age at this time. That he is unable to furnish any other evidence of his age at this time other than. That his parents always told he he was born on the 6th day of May 1843 and that he had always kept account of his age from the information given him by them and from no there source.”

My question for James, “You never asked your parents where in Ireland you were born?” Smith is a very common name for County Meath!