I found William Neville’s home in Mountmellick!

Lot 5 Mountmellick, Queens County, Ireland

Lot 5 Mountmellick, Queens County, Ireland

I have been looking for a map to correspond with the deeds for William Nevill/Neville for over a year now.

I found it today – Lot 5, numbers 21, 22 & 24!  On landed estate records – Alexander Bewley & Henry Bewley were renting the land.

“Lease dated 2nd of June, 1743 from John Bagot to William Neville, for 3 lives renewable forever, at the yearly rent of £6 : 15: 0 late Irish currency, and £3: 7: 6 like currency, renewable fine of the fall of each life.”

“Twenty small cabins, yards, and gardens in Forge-lane, Mountmellick, with two fields and part of a garden in the occupation of Robert Fale.  The last renewal of this lease is dated 21st February, 1854, from Thomas Neville Bagot and James Grant to Alexander Bewley and Henry Bewley, and is for the lives of Albert, Edward, Prince of Wales, Prince Alfred, and Prince Arthur, all of whom are living.”

I have a copy of the lease from 1743 where William Nevil, the elder, a cloatheir named his three sons, Henry, William and Joseph.  William was married the first time in 1702 to Elizabeth Pleadwell, and the second time in 1719 to Anne Atkinson.

I have been trying to figure out exactly where the land was, but from the original lease it was a little hard.  Using a current map of Mountmellick – “Main street upper” is now Patrick Street.  “Pound Street” is now O’Moore Street. “Forge Lane” is now Emmet Street. “Chapel Lane” is now Chapel Street.

Lot 21 contains the 20 small cabins, yards and gardens.  I can not wait to go to Mountmellick and now I can walk the land that William leased in 1743!

I just love land records and maps – they add so much to genealogy research!