Fiona Fitzsimons teaching “Tracing Your Irish Ancestors” in Salt Lake City

Fiona Fitzsimmons explains how to use land records to find more about our Irish ancestors.

Fiona Fitzsimmons explains how to use land records to find more about our Irish ancestors.

Fiona Fitzsimons from Eneclann is teaching ‘Tracing Your Irish Ancestors” at the ISBGFH or commonly known as ‘The British Institute’ in Salt Lake City, Sept 21-25th.

If you love Irish genealogy – this is the place to be!  Having Fiona teaching a week-long class is so wonderful.  Fiona spends the morning teaching and then the class moves to the Family History Library to research their personal family using the information that Fiona has given us.

Several of the class have made major breakthroughs with their Irish ancestors this week!  It is so exciting to have an expert in Irish genealogy as a teacher for a week, this so much FUN!

Fiona started the week with the basics of genealogy research.  Then she did a wonderful presentation on Irish history and how that affects what record groups were created and why.  (One of my favorite subjects!) Fiona then moved on Civil Registrations, Church & Cemetery Records, Census Records, Land Records, and Court & Prison Records. This is just a shorten version of 5 days of class!  Fiona has so much great information, then she stops and gives us excellent examples stories of the history of each record groups. I don’t have enough space to tell you all of the great information Fiona has given us.

The myth that all of the Irish records were destroyed in 1922 – is NOT true! Fiona busted that myth! Fiona had us purchase “The Directory of Irish Archives, 5th Edition”.  There are so many records that are available – she suggested that we start reading this book! Two hundred and eighteen pages list 269 different archives to research in Ireland. Time to plan another research trip to Ireland! Fiona has been giving us excellent tips on researching in Ireland.

We have short breaks during the morning class – Fiona takes time during the breaks to stop and talk with us about how to drill down more for each bit of information on our ancestors.

Part of the class is that Fiona meets with each of us and does a personal consult.  She gave me excellent advice on how and where to find additional information on my family and then asked to me write it up! I love land records, they have really helped push my family back another 100 years in Ireland.