My first genealogy interview was with Francis Patrick McTygue

My grandfather Frank McTygue.

My grandfather Frank McTygue.

I found this photo this morning on my desk.  My goal this year is to work on scanning my family photos.  This is my grandfather who we all called Granddad.  In about 1962 one Sunday I found a little piece of paper in my grandparents bible.

Patrick McTygue bio

This small piece of paper intrigued me.  I was about 12 years old and this story about Patrick McTygue being born in County Mayo and fighting in the Civil War changed my life.  I had to sit down with a small tablet and ask my grandfather questions about his dad!  I still have that piece of paper!  My love of family and history evolved into what is now known as genealogy.  I just had a spiral notebook that I kept track of the family.

I find the stories and the photos bring my family history to life.  I have been to Ireland and walked the streets of Shrule County Mayo where Patrick McTygue immigrated from about 1850.  I have photos of Patrick and his brother Michael.  These brothers spell their last names differently.  “Bridget Tygue” is on their mother’s headstone in Clinton Wisconsin.  Michael is buried in the same cemetery as his mother and his headstone reads”Michael Tighe”.  Patrick left Clinton Wisconsin about 1870 and moved to Nebraska. Patrick is buried in Eddyville Nebraska and his headstone reads “Patrick McTygue”.

This is one of the reasons that I love genealogy – each document, photo and story add make the picture of my ancestors more complete.

Francis Patrick McTygue born 28 March 1886 and died 4 Oct 1964.  Frank married Mary Veronica “Vera” Neville 19 Nov 1913 when he was 27 years old.  They had nine children: John Patrick, Anna Marie, Catherine Elizabeth, Loretta Laverne, Patricia Ann, Francis Bernard, Robert Emmett, James Edward and Michael Joseph.

Thank you granddad for sitting down with me and telling me about your family!  It has been a wonderful journey!

Can Genealogy be exciting after 40 years?

William Nevil's signature. William was born about 1680 in Ireland.

William Nevil’s signature. William was born about 1680 in Ireland.

2014 has been an amazing year!

When you work on a family for many years you think you have found everything.  I started asking questions about my family in 1962.  My grandmother was Mary Veronica Neville.  She was born in 1893 in York Nebraska and was the daughter of John Neville who was born in Lynally in Feb 1847.  John was left behind with an older brother Joseph Neville when their parents Abraham and Margaret Neville left for America in 1850.

My first trip to Ireland was in 1990 and we visited Tullamore, and that is where I found I had cousins still living west of the castle walls.  I have found this family in Griffiths Valuation, the Tithe Applotment Books and a 1802 Church of Ireland census for Lynally.  Matt Mooney told me the family had moved to Tullamore about 1798 from Mountmellick.

This summer I found a deed for William Nevill of Mountmellick.  The deed identified William as a ‘clothier’ and named his three sons: Henry, William and Joseph.  I discovered that they were Quakers and I visited the Quaker Library in Dublin.  William married Elizabeth Pleadwell in 1792 and after she died he married Anne Atkinson in 1719.  I take Irish genealogy class in Salt Lake City every fall.  I laid out the deed and where I thought my Neville family connected to William Nevill of Mountmellick.

If William married the first time in 1702, he would have to be at least 21 years of age. I know that my William was married twice because he named his parents on both marriage documents!

So now I have a signature of William Nevill of Mountmellick, the son of Henry and Mary Nevill. This is nine generations for me back into Ireland.

Can genealogy be exciting after 40 years? Yes, it can!!