Neville – Nevel – Nevils – don’t worry about the spelling!


This is the Lynally church that my  Neville ancestors attended.

This is the Lynally church that my Neville ancestors attended.

Lynally Glebe is the townland in County Offaly (Kings) where my Neville ancestors moved to in 1799. I found the Aug 1802 census for this church.  It is not a large Church, but the Lord Viscount and Lady Viscountess of Charleville also attended this church.  William Nevils, wife, children Jane, Joseph, Abraham, William are my ancestors who were also members.

I met with Matt Mooney, a cousin, who lives in Lynally and loves working on the Neville family history too! Matt showed me an ad from the Boston Pilot “The Search for Misssing Friends” the Irish would post an ad looking for family members

– Of Catherine Egan, formerly of Tullamore parish of Lynnally, Kings county who came to America in 1844; located in Albany, NY; married Elijah Nevills of same parish and county, when last heard from was in Duncan Falls, Muskingham County Ohio. Information of her will be received by her brothers, Simeon and Patrick Egan, 102 Beeker Street, New York.

Matt & I think this is another member of the family.   When I returned home I took a long look at the naming pattern. This is what I found.

Abraham Nevil & Margaret Molloy – married 1840 children: Joseph (1841) Mary Ann, Ann Bridget, John, William, Sara Jane, James, Hubert, Margaret

Elijah Nevel & Catherine Egan (no marriage record found yet) children: Joseph (1849), William, Ann, John, Mary Jane, Catherine, Charles, Sarah

Jeremiah Neville & Anne Kelly – married 1844 children: Elizabeth Joseph (1855) Catherine, Bridget, Margaret

The amazing thing is all three named their first son Joseph – The grandfather was William, why did they choose Joseph.  Joseph was the oldest son for William and most likely Williams fathers name. Did something happen to the Joseph the oldest son of William? I don’t have any record of him.

The other interesting thing I found was that Elijah and Catherine Nevel were in Albany New York, and where did Abraham and Margaret Nevils go to when then arrived in New York in 1850 – Albany New York!

Searching for my Nevil/Neville “Twigs on the Tree”

Ring of Berra

Genealogy is a journey taken one step at a time.  Starting with yourself and going back one generation at a time.  This photo is an excellent example of going on this journey.  You never quite know where you are going when you begin the search backwards.

I have had a lot of people say, “Oh, I am descended from …….!”  They might be, but start with yourself and take one step at a time. Let the records and documents lead the way.  Oral traditions are good, but not proof!

I took this photo on the Ring of Berra in Ireland. My genealogy journey is exciting because I don’t know exactly where I will end up.  Today I was doing research in the National Library of Ireland.   One set of records that I really wanted is no longer available! Due to the fight for Irish Independence in 1922.   But I did get a couple of ideas of other record groups to search.  Trouble is it is going to take some time to really research those record groups.  I need to look at the Quaker meeting minutes for Mountmellick and some deeds for the same area for the Nevil or Neville connection!